Cold starters

Beef carpaccio served with toast, jalapeños and parmesan cheese€ 15.25
Smoked Eel served on toast and richly garnished€ 16.25
Fresh smoked Salmon served on toast and richly garnished€ 16.25
Ardennes ham served with fresh fruits and toast€ 15.25
Dutch shrimp cocktail served with cocktail sauce and toast€ 17.75


Tuscan Tomato soup with a dash of cream€ 6.15
Creamy Mushroom soup with fresh mushrooms€ 6.15
Fresh Mussel soup with herbs€ 6.15
French onion soup with croutons and topped with melted cheese€ 6.95
Fish soup 'De Parel van Egmond'€ 6.95

Warm starters

Leek quiche with onions, mushroom, paprika and topped with melted brie€ 15.25
Grilled Shrimp skewer served with fried bean sprouts and a creamy garlic sauce€ 14.50
Scampi's scalloped in a garlic mixture and served with bread€ 15.50
Fried mussels served on toast with leek, onion and mushrooms€ 14.25

The dishes mentioned above can contain gluten!